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living your soul purpose now.

Welcome to Blissful Soul Journey Empowering Healing!

Where I help Empower you on your healing journey of life. Wow so much change is evolving, are you ready to listen to your intuition, follow your dreams and passion? Get excited we are about to embark on a healing journey of bringing you back to total Bliss and Joy.

I have a very amazing team of helpers to allow strong connection and healing. My spiritual team consist of Angels, Guides, Loved Ones, Master and Universal Love. We are ready to help discuss the Soul Messages and Soul healing that your longing for…. Let’s empower you to make the choices!

living your soul purpose now.

Blissful Reiki Session

This energy therapy, can help you in many ways. It’s a gentle yet relaxing energy that helps to reduce the effects of stress, anxiety, depression. It promotes the inner and outer peace allowing yourself to clear and release the heaviness of emotional and mental stress. It helps with chronic diseases and also assist the recovery process of colds, flu, headaches, nausea and pains. Reiki is universal life force energy of love. So if you need more love in your body this is the perfect session.

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living your soul purpose now.

Enjoy our quality

Are you feeling a bit lost with yourself lately? The energy of the universe is changing dramatically. Your changing into a different version and there are some people who can’t come with you, on this new journey. For some of you it will feel like a loss or grief that you feel and this is also very common when your spiritual support team are changing.

New guides come in for different parts of our lives to help pick up and direct us in a different direction. Don’t be afraid to step out and put more in you, its going to be such a rewarding time that you will be thankful for what you went through. Remember the Angels of change are here, get back to basics, get excited and start again.

living your soul purpose now.

Soul Connection Meditation

It’s time to spend time on you and your soul…. Are you ready to be open to learn powerful messages about where you need to go. Meditation is provided in a protected space of love and light. With the Angels loving energy you experience powerful connection to your Guides and Spiritual team.

It’s time to start listening to your inner knowing. Light refreshments are provided after. A warm loving group of consciousness souls evolving together. Come join us.

living your soul purpose now.

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